Condition: Watery eyes

Everyone has a watery eye sometimes. This can have several causes. Read in this article what you can do about it.

Teary eyes

  • Tearing eyes
  • Dirt in the eye
  • Causes of watery eyes
  • Watery eyes in children
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Tearing eyes

You get watery eyes when you walk outside in the wind, for example. Everyone has this sometimes, but there are also people who constantly have watery eyes. This can have a number of problematic consequences. The reasons for this may be that the eyes are dry or a blockage/narrowing of the tear ducts. When people are emotional or have eye irritation, more tear fluid is produced than normal. These tears are later drained and approximately 10-20% evaporates.

Dirt in the eye

If there is dirt in the eye, extra tear fluid is automatically produced to remove the dirt from the eye. Don’t rub it with dirty fingers as this will only cause more irritation. If you want to try to remove the dirt from the eye, it is best to hang it under a lamp with a magnifying mirror so that you can see what is in it. If you can’t find anything and you feel the dirt is still there, rub your finger on the eyelid from the outside in to rub the dirt out.

Causes of watery eyes

  • Dirt or hair
  • The tear points are out of place
  • Tear points are clogged
  • Inflammation
  • Nasal congestion
  • Dry eyes


Watery eyes in children

In children in the first year of life, the nasal tear duct has not yet opened, which is why watery eyes are common. When the eye tears, it is often dirty. If it is so bad that it bothers the child, it is wise to visit your doctor.


If you continue to tear constantly, you can have this examined. For this you go to your doctor. The doctor checks whether the tear points are properly open and the tear ducts are checked. This is done with a blunt needle and a little physiological saline is injected. If this salt ends up in the nose, the tear duct is open. If your doctor thinks that the problem may be in the nose, you can be referred to an ENT specialist.

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