The best diet ever

There are countless diets to choose from these days. However, only one can be the best. The secret is revealed in this guide to eternal weight loss.

The secret

The best diet…is no diet. You may feel confused or tricked now, but it is very serious. In this manual you will explain step by step why the best diet is not actually a diet. Losing weight is not about taking special foods or expensive meal replacement shakes, but about your own balance, habits and feelings.

Why a diet doesn’t work

Diets don’t work for most people. They stick to it neatly and lose some kilos, but they will come back soon. It will now be briefly explained why this happens. When someone turns to dieting it means they are ready to start the fight against the pounds, which is a very good thing! Yet many people find it overwhelming or perhaps a bit complicated, which makes a diet seem to be a perfect solution. All doubts about what to eat are removed and it is explained exactly what is right and wrong. Easy, right? Despite the convenience, this does not appear to work in the long term. Due to the stability and stability that a diet offered, the person who wants to lose weight is held too much by the hand, making it easy to fall back into old habits once the desired weight has been reached. Often this does not even happen consciously, but people still fall into old habits that gave them those extra kilos in the first place!
Another pitfall of dieting is the temporary nature that is the nature of many diets. Nowadays there is a tendency to prescribe entire weekly menus, which can be an incredible support for many people who are battling the pounds. What happens next is that each weekly menu is adhered to in a neat and disciplined manner. Week one, week two, week three, it is followed neatly and the kilos come off. But what then after the last weekly menu of the book? After following a lot of weekly menus, people are not inclined to start from scratch again because special, expensive products are often prescribed. As a result, they fall back on the only other diet they have in their frame of reference, and that is precisely what causes them to gain weight!

What should I do?

First of all, you need to get rid of the word diet. This may seem trivial or unnecessary, but it will help you remember what you actually want to achieve. Better call it finding balance in your diet and lifestyle. This includes what ultimately really makes the difference; no shakes, weekly menus or meal replacements, it’s all about balance. Balance between taking in food (energy) and using energy. Balance between healthy eating and occasional snacking. To achieve this, we must get rid of the biggest pitfall of dieting: its temporary nature. If you are suddenly prescribed what to eat, it will not be your own at all, after all, it is prescribed to you. However, finding balance has no beginning and end, finding balance in your healthy lifestyle is forever. Therefore, it is better to decide for yourself what you are going to eat to become healthier. This lacks the certainty that a bite-sized diet provides, but don’t forget: a lost kilo remains a lost kilo this way! If you are unsure whether you are doing the right thing, dare to talk about it with someone who knows about healthy food, who can assist you and explain what is right and wrong to help you be healthy forever.
Another aspect where the importance of balance is clearly evident is when it comes to snacking. Stop calling this sin because it’s okay to have something tasty every now and then! However, don’t forget that it’s all about that balance again. Don’t snack too often, not too much, it must be balanced.
The main difference with any other diet is that by following these steps you will never regain lost weight. If you think about what a healthy lifestyle is and you try it, it means that if you have lost a kilo it is purely due to your lifestyle. A diet is temporary, a balance and a healthy lifestyle will benefit you for a lifetime.
And remember, a body in balance is a mind in balance!

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