A firm body in just 10 minutes a day!

Nowadays anyone can get a muscular body just by pushing a button. After all, ten minutes on the Power Plate give the same results as 1 hour of workout. Ideal for a firm body without cellulite and better general health.

Russian cosmonauts

We owe the principle of the Power Plate (also called a vibrating plate) to the Russian cosmonauts. They used the vibration plate to maintain their muscle strength and bone density in space. They could stay in space for no less than 420 days, while their American colleagues (who did regular muscle training) had to give up after 120 days of space travel because they could not cope with the harmful effects of gravity. The secret of the Russian cosmonauts has now also become accessible to the general public.

What is vibration training?

Vibration training is training muscles by using the stretch reflex. The vibration in the muscle causes a reflex that causes the muscle to unconsciously tighten hard. Depending on the set frequency, this takes place 30 to 60 times per second. If you train your abdominal muscles for 35 seconds using the Power Plate , this is equivalent to 200 abdominal exercises on the floor. It is therefore logical that you can easily stay in shape with the vibration plate and build muscle very quickly, even if you have little time or no desire to exercise. The idea is to hold several positions in succession, each lasting no longer than 1 minute.

Advantages of the vibrating plate

  • Strengthens all muscles of the body
  • Reduces orange peel peel
  • Increases endurance
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases daily calorie consumption
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves skin quality
  • Reduces the risk of sports injuries
  • Shortens the recovery time after exertion
  • Stimulates the joints
  • Maintains bone density
  • Improves responsiveness
  • Improves sporting performance


Power Plate vs Galileo and Power Maxx

The original Power Plate is unaffordable for most people (between 7,500 and 12,000 euros for the professional Pro5 model and 4,500 euros for the My5 that is intended for private use). You can also use the device at the gym or in beauty centers, where you pay around 550 euros for 10 sessions.
That is why various manufacturers have launched their own vibrating plate, priced between 250 and 2000 euros: Magic Vibe (can be purchased via a rental purchase contract), Eurosolar . Galileo and Power Maxx are the best known.
Galileo is the device used in most rehabilitation centers and which, according to thorough comparative research, produces even better results than the Power Plate itself.
The Power Maxx, on the other hand, is a lot cheaper and is intended for the home user. In general, users are satisfied with the results of the vibration plates from Power Maxx , Eurosolar , Magic Vibe , etc. The effects are said to be less powerful and pronounced than with the original device, but on the other hand you can use it at home every day.
For the best results you can combine the occasional session on the Power Plate or the Galileo with your daily sessions on your own vibration plate.

Bad attitude

It is recommended to initially follow a few sessions under the guidance of a specialist. Many people perform the exercises poorly and this causes (1) little to no results, and (2) headaches and muscle pain.
Contrary to popular belief, exercises on the vibration plate require quite a bit of effort and endurance. Simply standing or sitting on it has no effect.

Tips for best results

You should not expect miracles from the vibrating plate alone. You can achieve exceptional effects if you also observe the most important lifestyle and dietary rules.

  • Eat enough proteins (muscle building is not possible without proteins)
  • Avoid the causes of cellulite (stress; refined products such as white bread, white pasta and white sugar; artificial sweeteners such as aspartame; dyes and preservatives)
  • Don’t eat too many potatoes and bananas
  • Don’t cross your legs during the day
  • Maintain good posture
  • Breathe through the nose
  • Drink at least one and a half liters of water daily (no soda drinks, not even diet ones because they contain artificial sweeteners)
  • Eat at regular times and don’t starve your body (as this tells your body to store the calories from your next meal)

Your cellulite cream will work just as well after a session on the vibration plate. The grease and waste released by vibration can be better removed by the product. Due to the increased blood supply, the cream will also penetrate your skin much better. A proprietary blend of essential oils (geranium, rosemary, grapefruit) and grape seed oil generally provides better results than commercial cellulite creams.
Drinking extra fluids (cleansing herbal tea) also helps to remove the released waste products from the body.

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