Fenugreek: secret to a fuller bosom

The use of herbs to obtain a fuller bosom has been known since ancient times. Different cultures around the world know this and even the girls in the Middle East already practiced it. One of the best herbs you can use for this is FENUGREEK or trigonella foenum-graecum. This is the main ingredient in most breast enlargement products.

Effects of fenugreek

Fenugreek activates breast growth in two different ways:

  • By mimicking the effects of estrogens
  • By stimulating the production of prolactin

The chemical component of fenugreek that produces this effect is called diosgenin .

Where can you buy fenugreek?

You can find this herb in the spice section of your local supermarket. Sprinkle a generous portion of fenugreek with your meals every day and watch your bosom naturally become more beautiful. It is possible to place the seeds in water to grow shoots. This tastes delicious in a salad. You can also buy fenugreek in capsules at the pharmacy or drugstore. This way you can be sure that you are getting the right daily dose. If you take three capsules daily, it won’t take long before you start seeing results.

Health-promoting properties

  • Nutritious (vitamin A, B, C, E, lime and phosphorus)
  • Improves resistance and performance
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Promotes bile production
  • Relieves sore throat
  • Loosens mucus (hence it is also called snot powder)
  • Heals ulcers in the mouth
  • Against intestinal inflammation
  • Purifies the body of waste products
  • Remedies kidney complaints and problems of the male reproductive organs

The ancient Greeks mixed fenugreek with the hay of their horses. This gave the animals a shiny coat and got them in shape faster. Today the herb is used by veterinarians to treat wounds, abscesses, arthritis, bronchitis and digestive problems in horses.


Both the leaves and the seeds add flavor to your dishes. The Indians use it for their curry, North Africans for their meat and fish, and the Arabs for their bread and pastries.
Cheese with fenugreek is particularly popular in our country.

Tea for a fuller bosom

Another way to get a fuller bosom is to drink a few cups of fenugreek tea every day. This tea also promotes digestion, heals wounds in the mouth and helps you heal faster if you have a cold.
You can prepare fenugreek tea as follows:

  • Combine two cups of water with one cup of fenugreek seeds or shoots
  • Add a handful of fennel seeds (also breast enlarging)
  • Let it cook
  • Add honey and lemon to taste

To get a fuller bosom, it is sufficient to drink 1 to 2 cups of this tea daily.

Breast enlargement massage

Taking fenugreek and other breast enlargement herbs has one major disadvantage: before it enters the bloodstream, it must first be processed by the liver. However, the liver breaks down 80 to 90% of all nutrients. This means that your body only receives 10 to 20% of the active ingredients.
One solution is to massage the herbs directly into the breasts.
This has several advantages:

  • The herbs are used where they are needed
  • The blood supply to the breasts is increased, which also stimulates the production of prolactin

You can open a capsule of fenugreek powder and mix it with a little vegetable oil. Olive or grapeseed oil is best for this. Avoid the use of mineral oils because they do not penetrate deep enough into the skin and can even have a suffocating effect.

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