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Spring is just around the corner, summer is on its way. Would you also like to lose a few more pounds before you wear a bikini again soon? Do you have a smartphone? Then it’s possible! Download the most customized application for yourself and lose kilos. A smartphone is, as the name suggests, an intelligent phone. Where you used to use a telephone to make calls, nowadays you can download all kinds of applications that make your life easier. Some apps are free, others can be downloaded for a small fee. The apps below can help you lose weight:

Calorie counter

The calorie counter does not indicate specific diets, but rather gives you insight into your exercise and eating patterns. Via the food log you can see how many calories you can consume in a day. To do this, you must enter your weight and height and the application will then calculate your average daily energy consumption during rest and sleep. You then add what your physical activities are for that day, such as a walk, swimming for half an hour, picking up the children from school by bike, etc.
You must always enter what you have eaten . You can make your choice based on pre-selected products that are available in all Dutch supermarkets. The app even recognizes what you have eaten via a photo and you can add products yourself. The Calorie Counter finds the corresponding nutritional value for all food products. Your weight is recorded in a graph and in the diet calendar you will find a clear table of your daily and monthly nutritional balance.

Easy Diet App

Easy Diet App, an originally English app, is now also available in Dutch. The standard package includes a diet plan for 3 days, which should be good for losing 2 kg. If you want to lose more weight, you can download diet plans for 4, 5 or 10 days for a small fee, which will allow you to lose between 5 and 7 kg.
Easy Diet app indicates what you can eat and gives you a ready-made shopping list for the entire diet. It mainly includes lots of vegetables and protein-rich foods, no snacks and otherwise sparse meals. You have to do something for that beautiful figure!
You can follow the diet plan an unlimited number of times. You could even eat according to the diet plan for 3 days every week, and eat normally on the other days. A Twitter option is also built in here.


Diet2Go is an English-language app that you can use to lose weight. Just like with the Calorie Counter, you must enter a number of physical characteristics (height, weight) about yourself, as well as the sporting activities you do. Based on this, the app gives you a choice from a large number of diets. Depending on your lifestyle, taste and preference, choose the diet that suits you best. Every diet includes a complete daily shopping list. In addition, you will receive tips on weight loss and the diet plans are updated weekly. If you wish, you can schedule meal reminders via the calendar in your phone. Via Twitter and Facebook, which are integrated into Diet2Go, you can let everyone know how much weight you have already lost.

Slim coach

Slimcoach stands for losing weight with guidance. You will be motivated to continue through personal coaching. Every day you report your weight, which is displayed on a graph and where you can also see the weight fluctuations of the other participants. This competition element ensures that you are concerned with your weight every day and do not want to be inferior to the others. The practical tips ensure that you live a healthier life and maintain your weight

Eight glasses a day

If you want to lose weight, it helps to drink a lot of water because you will feel fuller faster and you will be less hungry. This app is in English and guides you in drinking 8 glasses of water per day for a small contribution. Every time you have drunk a glass, you click on it on the screen and a symbol tells you how many glasses you still have to drink.

Name weight loss

Noom Weight Loss is an English-language application that also requires you to enter information such as your weight, physical activities and eating habits. The app draws up a personal weight loss plan based on this and reminds you what and when you can eat. You can view your progress daily on a graph and share it with your friends via social networks.

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