Nails and nail care: frequently asked questions

Nails are a jewel for a woman. But we often don’t treat our fingertips that way. Saw with the metal file, push back those unruly cuticles firmly with a sharp ‘cuticle pusher’, and if the polish can be removed, why not use a chemical substance such as acetone? The result: brittle nails, broken and sometimes painful cuticles and ridges on the nail wall. All that sadness can be prevented. How and what? KOH Cosmetics tells.

Why should you use expensive nail polish remover instead of acetone? It works just as well!

Acetone is an outdated nail polish remover. You will see the same result when using acetone or nail polish remover. What you don’t see is the damage acetone causes. Acetone dries out the nail. This will cause you a lot of trouble in the long term, depending on the sensitivity of your nails. It is not without reason that nail polish remover is a bit more expensive. The queen of nail polish removers, such as Purifying Polish Remover from the luxury brand KOH, not only removes nail polish efficiently, but also cares for the nail and its foundation at the same time. Moreover, this remover does not leave a nasty sharp smell, but a pleasant odor.

Why is remover used during a manicure if I no longer have any nail polish on?

This question can be answered thanks to the experts at KOH nail cosmetics. They know how to tell that a manicure aims for perfect results. So barely or not visible remains of transparent nail polish must also be removed. Moreover, it is quite unknown that a good remover also very gently removes residues of grease and impurities from your nails. Because your nail is completely clean and even in this way, new nail polish adheres better and you benefit more from the care products used for nails and cuticles.

If your nails are damaged: the serum

If your nails are damaged, there is now the nail serum. Just like skin serums, this is intensive care that provides an instant boost. You can apply such a serum before going to bed and massage it in. Essential Nail Serum from KOh contains natural ingredients such as almond, castor and primrose oil. The next morning your nails will look much better. Especially in winter or after too enthusiastic nail art practice, a nail serum is almost a must.


Filing makes good progress with a metal file and brisk movement back and forth. Why isn’t that allowed?

In terms of impact, there is a top three in nail files. The iron file is the most aggressive file. Next comes the cardboard file. And the creme de la creme, especially found in the higher segment brands of nail care products, is the glass file (for example Koh Crystal Nail File To Go, a mini file in a practical folder). This works the softest, but not the fastest. Why do we want softness instead of speed? Because your nail consists of three layers. By filing the nail with force, you run the risk of invisibly loosening these layers from each other. Moisture and dirt can then penetrate and the loose layers tear out more quickly. If you file in one direction with a soft file, you essentially seal the nail against harmful influences.

How do I get ridges and spots on my nails?

If you have serious deformities or your nails are covered in spots, see your doctor. In other cases, careless treatment of your cuticles is often the culprit. Keep the cuticle supple, KOH advises: for example with KOH Nourishing Cuticle Brush, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Gently push the cuticle back after a bath or shower, when the cuticle is already a bit softer. Do this regularly and subtly. Because if you push back a rather stuck cuticle roughly and far, unsightly ridges are the possible result. Especially if you use one of those sneaky metal ‘kokkenpootjes’. What to do? Use a cotton swab, or a smooth and soft instrument such as the KOH Nail Pusher and Cleaning Stick.

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