Bugaboo Cameleon or Joolz Day?

Are you looking for the perfect stroller and you can’t find it? Making the right choice between two great ones is not easy either! What exactly is the difference between Bugaboo Cameleon and the Joolz Day? Bugaboo has also currently developed the Bugaboo Donkey, which can even fit 2 children! The Joolz is currently very popular with its Joolz Eart Edition! Look for the cheapest price by comparing many providers!

Using the Bugaboo Cameleon or Joolz day

Firstly, it is important to ask yourself what exactly you want to use the stroller for. If you only take it for a short walk every now and then, for example to go shopping, you can choose to purchase a simpler and cheaper stroller. But if you want a trendy car and the intention is to use the car more intensively, then the Bugaboo Cameleon or Joolz Day are two top models from which you will have to make a choice.

Compare the Joolz and the Bugaboo!

Both brands offer a 2-year warranty and supply the car with rain cover, sun canopy and shopping basket. The two cars are also not that different in terms of price. Both cars are very compact, easy to fold and, when folded, fit easily in most cars! The Joolz is currently selling better than the Bugaboo. A few years ago this was the other way around, but Joolz has greatly improved the quality! The leather push bar is very nice and cool about the Joolz. The Bugaboo is slightly lighter in weight than the Joolz. Both have an adjustable push bar. Both the Bugaboo and the Joolz have a nice large container, so your baby can use it for a long time.

Differences between the Bugaboo and Joolz strollers


The first difference you notice is the mattress in the crib. Joolz uses a hypoallergenic mattress while Bugaboo opts for the Aerosleep mattress. The Aerosleep mattress is known for preventing allergies. This should also protect against dust and dust mites. This mattress has a special structure that allows excellent air passage. This keeps the surface nice and dry and your baby is less likely to sweat.

Tall parents?

There is also a difference when it comes to the height of the parents. For tall people, the Joolz is more comfortable than the Bugaboo, because the Bugaboo is often perceived as too low.

Off-road vehicle?

A big advantage of the Bugaboo is that you can drive it through the sand and woods, because you can adjust the push bar to the back (reversible pusher), so that the pneumatic tires come first. The Bugaboo’s pneumatic tires also have an advantage, as they are filled with foam so that they cannot puncture. The Juulz, on the other hand, also drives through the sand or woods with ease.


The Bugaboo also has the advantage that the bassinet and seat are reversible. With the Joolz, turning around is only possible with the seat. The advantage of the Joolz is that you can turn the seat around and adjust it upright so that it is at table height.


There is also a difference in the suspension. For example, the Juulz has a four-wheel drive and the suspension of the Bugaboo front wheels is adjustable.

Bugaboo Donkey

The Bugaboo Donkey is the stroller if you have two children! This specially developed stroller grows with your family for a long time, whether you have twins or two children of different ages! The Bugaboo Donkey makes it easy for you! And you can also store a lot of luggage in it!

Joolz Day Earth Edition

The Joolz Day comes with a new trendy variant, namely the earth edition! The colors are based on “earth and nature”!
Pure nature in the colors Elephant gray & Cactus green. Supper hip and cool! And the brown leather push handle completes the picture!

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