Oily hair: what do you do about it?

You wake up after a refreshing sleep and crawl out of bed. But one look in the mirror is enough to ruin your mood. Give it a quick feel and… yes. Greasy hair. How is that possible, you only washed it yesterday? This is a recognizable story for many ladies. But how can you fix this?


Nothing is more frustrating than walking around with greasy hair but not having time to wash it. If you also have to leave urgently for school or work, let alone an important meeting, the nightmare is complete. But what exactly causes your hair to become greasy? We discuss the most common causes.

Frequent washing

Yes, you read that right. Washing is not the solution for oily hair. At least, not if you do it too often. The more often you wash your hair, the faster it will become greasy again. It is ideal to wash your hair once a week. If you do it twice a week, that is not immediately a reason to change your washing routine. However, if you wash your hair more than 3 or 4 times in one week, it is advisable to try something different. Try not washing your hair for a full week. Preferably choose a week when you don’t have to go out much or when your look is not that important. You will see that your hair becomes very greasy at first, but that the grease then disappears a bit. If it doesn’t do this, you probably have naturally oilier hair. No worries! You can also wash this about every other week or a little more often. After this week, wash your hair only once a week.
People with oilier hair should use a shampoo that prevents grease. It is also best not to use conditioner afterwards.
Does your hair become greasy during the following weeks ? Then try dry shampoo. You can buy dry shampoos in the supermarket or drugstore. You spray it on your hair while holding the can an arm’s length away from your head. You let it absorb for a while and then brush it out well. For ladies with dark hair who continue to see the white powder, colored dry shampoo is also available. Don’t feel like spending your money on this? Then try applying some talcum powder or baking powder to your hair and you will see that it has the same effect. Finally, you can also try cocoa powder.

The type of shampoo

Which type of shampoo suits your hair and scalp best varies from person to person. The use of SLS-free shampoos is often recommended and is an ideal solution for many people. However, for others it has the opposite effect and makes their hair greasy more quickly. Most shampoos contain SLS or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a harsh cleanser that can have negative effects on your hair and skin. If you use a shampoo with SLS, always rinse your hair well and treat it with a conditioner or mask so that it does not become dry and brittle. A very aggressive shampoo can dry out your scalp, causing it to produce more sebum. If you prefer to try an SLS-free shampoo, be sure to check the ingredients on the back of the shampoo bottle. If it says Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or another variant, then this is not the shampoo you are looking for. There are also many recommendations available on the internet.
Brushing or combing your hair
If you want to keep your hair clean for longer, do not brush or comb more often than necessary. By combing your hair often, you spread the sebum that your scalp secretes and that causes your hair to become greasy. The more you comb it, the greasier your hair becomes. Don’t run your fingers through your hair too often or play with it all the time. This not only spreads the sebum, but also dirt and grease from your hands through your hair.

Style with hair dryer or hair straightener

No matter how tempting or necessary it may sometimes be, people who want to prevent greasy hair should take some distance from their blow dryers and tongs. Heat stimulates the production of sebum, so you will soon not notice anything from your wash. In addition, the temperature can cause your scalp to sweat, which of course does not have the desired effect. High temperatures are not healthy for your hair itself. If you style your hair too often using a hairdryer, straightener or curling iron, it becomes brittle and brittle. If you want to prevent all this, it is best not to bring heat near your hair at all. This is of course not possible for everyone, so always use a product that protects your hair against the heat. Extra tip: rinse your hair with cold water after washing. This is healthy and gives your hair a natural shine.
Styling products
Products that you put in your hair, such as mousse, hairspray, hair gel or wax, or a treatment that you should not rinse out and, it is best to avoid as much as possible. If you really need these major culprits, apply them to your hair as much as possible and avoid your scalp. It is also best to use good quality products and preferably just after you have washed your hair. Never use too much of a product, only the appropriate amount!

How do you prevent greasy hair?


  • Wash your hair as little as possible
  • Use a dry shampoo to replace and postpone washes
  • Use a shampoo that suits your scalp. For example, try an SLS-free one
  • If you have naturally oily hair, use a mild shampoo
  • Rinse your hair with cold water after washing



  • Don’t wash your hair every day!
  • Do not use conditioner if you have naturally oily hair
  • Do not use a hairdryer or straightener and keep heat away from your hair
  • Do not use styling products
  • Don’t comb or brush your hair too often, or run your fingers through it all the time
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