Prevent and combat diarrhea

Our intestines are an essential link in the digestion process of our food. If this digestive process is disrupted, diarrhea can occur. Loose watery stools, which may be accompanied by vomiting, cramps and abdominal pain. But diarrhea also reduces the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill, so as a woman it is better not to have sex with a man temporarily.

Acute or Chronic

Acute diarrhea can be the result of spoiled food, too much fat, fried food, medicines, fruit, nervousness, stomach flu or a harmless infection. Traveler’s diarrhea is caused by spoiled food, contaminated drinking water, food other than what you are used to or stress. The chronic form of diarrhea can be caused by a digestive disorder, colitis, or an infection by bacteria or worms. The abuse of laxatives can also be a cause.

Diarrhea can make you pregnant

When using a medicine that our body is not used to, diarrhea may also occur temporarily. But this also means that this medicine is not properly absorbed by the body, so its effect is not optimal. But the remedies that our body is used to may also not be sufficiently absorbed due to the diarrhea. If it concerns a contraceptive, this can have major consequences. Consult with a doctor or pharmacist if necessary.

When to call a doctor

It is advisable to consult a doctor in the following cases:

  • In case of chronic diarrhea, longer than two weeks.
  • If the stuff is water thin and it has been going on for more than 3 days.
  • If it is accompanied by mucus and blood loss, severe vomiting, fever, confusion, drowsiness, constant pain, inability to urinate.
  • If there may be dehydration.
  • If constipation and diarrhea alternate for several weeks.
  • In infants with diarrhea.
  • In children under two if it does not subside within 12 hours.
  • In elderly people over 70, diarrhea should subside within 12 hours, especially if water tablets are used.
  • If you suspect a side effect of a medication.
  • If you have just returned from a long trip because this may be related to a bacteria.


Prevent diarrhea

First of all, good hygiene. Wash hands after using the toilet. Therefore, also wash fruit and vegetables well and cook them if necessary. Abroad sometimes boil the tap water before drinking. In such countries, the risk of contamination also applies to unpackaged soft drinks and ice cream. Too much fat can also lead to diarrhea.

Self-help for diarrhea

A hot water bottle can provide relief for abdominal cramps. Drinking plenty of fluids to compensate for fluid loss is important. You can eat easily digestible food. Take small portions at first and high-calorie foods. It is better not to eat laxative-promoting foods such as syrup, dried fruit gingerbread, oranges, coffee, etc.


Many medicines are not suitable for pregnant women, children and breastfeeding. Always read the package leaflet carefully, because if you have a fever or blood in the stool, it is wise to first seek doctor’s advice. The resources can be divided into four groups:

  • Oral rehydration fluids (ORS), solutions of sugars and minerals to replenish fluid loss. Particularly useful for the elderly and children. These remedies prevent further dehydration.
  • Agents that protect the intestinal and stomach mucosa, allowing them to relax.
  • Agents that can inhibit the activity of the intestinal wall, such as the drug Loperamide. However, it is less suitable for pregnant women and children under the age of two. Always consult your doctor with these products.
  • Agents with an absorbent effect, such as Norit. You then have to go to the toilet less often because it binds the intestinal contents. Please note that it may reduce the effectiveness of other medicines, including the pill. Norit contains sugar.

, none of the above medicines removes the real cause of the diarrhea. Be cautious with absorbent products if you are already taking other medicines. The use of an ORS preparation is often recommended, especially in the elderly and small children.

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