5 Reasons Why Humans Need Rules

5 Reasons Why Humans Need Rules
Why do humans need rules? What is the actual function of rules? Everything in this world must have rules. These rules are made for humans. So that humans can live a good life.

This article will discuss 10 reasons why humans need rules.

1. Humans are social creatures

Humans are social creatures, this indicates that humans will always interact with other humans. Humans as social creatures also mean that humans will always need other humans. To live life, humans cannot stand alone.

For example, when you want to go somewhere. You need a bus driver to take you to your destination. Likewise, if you bring your own vehicle, you will still need someone else.

That is a simple example of humans being social creatures. Even though we sometimes don’t realize it, we are actually always helped by other people to do something. Therefore, every human being definitely needs other people.

This is the reason why humans need rules. These rules will be useful for yourself and for others. If every human being obeys the rules, then life will go well.

2. Life guidelines

Every human being must have a guide to know direction. Through these guidelines, every human being will definitely follow them. Humans will not go astray when they have guidance.

One of human guidelines is a rule. Rules are made deliberately for life. The rules created are expected to be human guidelines.

Everything in this world certainly has rules. These rules are things that humans must do. The goal is so that life can run well.

A simple example is the street. The road where vehicles pass has rules. A small example is the existence of restrictions on the right and left directions for users.

These rules guide drivers when using the road. If this rule is not implemented, the road atmosphere will certainly be chaotic. There will be many problems and even accidents.

3. Have ethics and morals

Ethics is a science about what is good and what is bad. Apart from that, ethics also talks about moral rights and obligations. Just like ethics, morals are things that are good and bad, involving attitudes and actions.

This is one of the reasons why humans need rules. Apart from life issues, rules also concern ethics and morals. Whatever background a person comes from, they must still have ethics and morals.

For example, when you are in a public library. You must obey the rules not to make noise. This regulation is in accordance with what is applied in libraries.

Your quiet attitude is a reflection of your ethical self. When you obey the rules in the library, it is a sign that you respect other people. Then you will again be appreciated by other people.

This book will discuss Javanese mythology, which was previously considered to be only fictional stories and was even considered superstition, in fact it contains moral and character education values that are universal and eternal (perennial), contains ethical and aesthetic values, common sense ( logic), super logic and eternal metaphysics (perennial). All of this can only be understood if the stories are interpreted correctly according to the Javanese ‘key to interpretation’: Jarwa Sasmitaning Susastra (Javanese Hermeneutics).

4. Make life more organized

Humans are creatures who have reason. Different from animals. This is one of the main differences between humans and other creatures.

When you are sick, you are required to take medicine. The drinking rule is 3 times a day. You have to take the medicine morning, afternoon and evening, precisely after eating.

This rule is made by a doctor, according to the disease condition you are suffering from. When you take this medicine, you must follow the rules made by the doctor. You should not take this medicine carelessly.

If you only drink it once a day, the healing process will take longer. If you drink it 5 times a day, it will endanger your health because it is too much. If you drink it before eating, this medicine may have a different reaction.

That’s what life looks like. In life, there must be rules. These rules must be obeyed, so that life becomes more orderly.

5. The creation of justice

Bansos or social assistance is a policy issued by the government. This policy was created to help underprivileged people. This policy was created because of the impact of the pandemic on various fields.

This social assistance or social assistance is specifically for underprivileged communities. Aimed at communities whose economies have been affected by the pandemic. Those who have no income and live hard lives are the right people to get social assistance.

These rules are one way to create justice. If people who live in luxury receive social assistance, it is not fair. Therefore, those who live more fortunately must obey this rule.

The incident above is an example of the reason why there must be rules in human life. So that justice can be created. Justice is one of the rights that every human being must receive.

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6. Be on the right track

Just like Transjakarta buses and trains which have lanes. Human life also has its own path. This path is a place for humans to carry out daily activities.

The reason why humans need the next rule is so that every human being is on track. The route referred to here is not a travel route or climbing route. However, the path to living life.

An example is the rules that Muslims have. In Islamic teachings, a Muslim is not allowed to eat haram food because it would be a sin. This is an example of a rule that keeps people on their path.

If there are no rules, then life will be messy. The worst possibility is that everything goes wrong. Therefore, even though it is sometimes burdensome, the rules still have to be followed.

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