Various New Employee Career Goals and Planning

Employee Career
You definitely want to have a good and brilliant career so you can earn the income you hope for. Careers are often associated with office work, but that’s not all because careers are closely related to education and the right skills. To find out the exact definition of career goals, you can read the following article.

What Are Career Goals?

Choosing a career means choosing the right education and skills to support it. You have to make decisions carefully and maturely so that your chances of success will be greater.

Choosing the right career does take time and a lot of consideration. Therefore, career actually has two definitions which refer to work, calling, profession and trade.

Meanwhile, career goals are a person’s views or plans for completing work in the future. Of course, you have plans or plans for what you will do in the future, what you can achieve or what you want to achieve.

By having a career goal, you will know exactly why you have to take that job, why you have to work if it’s just to earn a living. The steps to becoming successful will become easier.

This is very important because it can determine a person’s journey or what they will do to earn a living, so that the range from requiring training to extensive education can be done. You can do it with a high school diploma and a willingness to keep learning.

Career itself can mean various things, such as someone who works as a teacher, lawyer, doctor, carpenter, electrician, electrician, hairdresser, and veterinarian assistant. Another definition of career refers to the steps taken over the years of work in life.

This can happen from a number of jobs that you have held, even degrees and jobs that have been achieved over a long period of time. If viewed from this context, career can include everything related to job development, it can also be a profession or progress towards these activities. A single career means that it includes differences in the different paths taken.

Types of Career Paths

Humans have their own paths in life, even the choices they make can determine the opportunities they get. For this reason, there are several career paths available for you to get to know.

1. Unrelated Work

What does multiple unrelated jobs mean? Careers can have jobs that are unrelated to each other. For example, you could have a job as a sales associate in a retail environment, but could also be a restaurant server. In the future, who would have thought that you would be a receptionist at a veterinary clinic?

Each job can be considered very different from the next or next job. There is no solution to predict future paths or jobs. Any job has some similarities, so you’ll tend to compare significant salary increases from one job to the next.

However, it is not only salary that is an issue or can experience changes because a significant increase in responsibility can occur. Just try and continue to be diligent in building your career, then you will have great hopes.

2. Advance at One Job

This path talks about the progress of similar jobs, such as whether you work in the same organization or different companies. For example, you work as a cashier at a well-known shopping center, but you are transferred to a customer service position.

With this position, the duties or work will change quite a bit, where you have to use the cash register while handling customer problems. Finally, you can enjoy the position of head cashier and be able to supervise other cashiers.

3. Are in the Same Industry

You don’t have to be in the same job, even if you are in a similar industry. For example, when you become a restaurant manager and your job can start by washing dishes first, then you can move to the server position.

From the server position, you also have the opportunity to become an assistant manager and finally get a manager position. All of this can be done gradually while gaining as much work experience as possible.

Planning to Achieve Career Goals

In a company, employees or workers are needed as resources to support the productivity of business activities. Employees will play an important role in carrying out several activities based on responsibility and hierarchy to support the achievement of company goals.

Without a workforce, of course every company will find it difficult to develop opportunities and use them well. For this reason, employees are an important element of a company.

Not just giving assignments, but also providing opportunities for workers to develop their potential and talents from within. The company provides space for employees to develop their careers while they are still part of the workplace.

Efforts to develop a career can also be called career planning. Career planning is a process, where individuals choose career paths and goals that will be followed to achieve certain goals.

Of course, every worker must have this enthusiasm so that their quality of life can be better. For this reason, career planning can also be interpreted as a process when someone has their own goals and paths to achieve certain goals.

A person must be able to recognize himself by seeing opportunities, realizing the consequences and obstacles to his career. The following is the process and stages to realize career planning according to expectations.

1. Identify career aspirations

This stage invites individuals to explore work experiences so they can understand and learn about career aspirations. You can download the material via the internet, get in touch with professionals in the field, and get the latest information regarding career goals.

Psychometric tests conducted to test aptitude and intelligence will also be equally helpful. Adjust the activities carried out with the goals and hopes you want to achieve in the near future.

2. Analyze Market Opportunities

The stage where Human Resources (HR) carries out realistic career planning applies to all employees. In the following cases, the company’s HR department must communicate with workers to accommodate their opinions related to career mobility and promotion.

3. Match career needs with available opportunities

The next stage is to make adjustments to career needs and job opportunities in a company. The first thing that needs to be done is to understand the abilities and talents of workers.

Interventions can also be created for employees so that their abilities can increase and be ready to follow competencies in the future. The quality of life will certainly be better by making this effort, right?

4. Pay attention to evaluations and reviews

The final stage is to pay attention to planning and evaluation to correct errors and improve quality. The success of career planning is obtained from strong motivation or enthusiasm to achieve the best goals immediately.

Career Goals for New Employees

In essence, career goals are something that an employee must have. Moreover, if you are a new employee and will get questions from HRD regarding your career goals at work. Here are some examples.

1. Have a clear target

A person must definitely have a clear target in making a choice. For example, you are determined to achieve sales of a certain number of units by working for one year.

2. Have a Daily Plan

The work pattern that will be carried out every day will definitely make it easier for you to manage your time. The result is that you can achieve big goals at the end of the year.

3. Make an Evaluation

You can make evaluations after doing work or contributions so you can improve yourself. That way, the opportunity to develop with the company through interaction will become easier.

4. Specific goals

A specific goal means you have a clear goal, such as this month you have to get clients from out of town. Book sales can increase by 10% or the profits obtained must be greater in amount.

When you want to know your career goals, the most important thing is to evaluate yourself and adapt it to your abilities. Think about the possible impact of your own strengths and weaknesses.

Consulting with a trusted party will also be very beneficial and make you more confident. You can talk to close friends or relatives who have similar experiences with the job you are taking.

Opening new networks is also very important, such as expanding networking so that there are no more positions that are deemed unsuitable for the job. Immediately look for a new place to develop yourself, so that there will be new opportunities to maximize your potential.

You can also determine the timeline which is very important to achieve certain goals. Is the goal not achieved due to the quality of the company or yourself not being optimal at work? You must also always be committed to providing goals and being present. Make a mini note to schedule yourself regularly and well so that every job can be completed.

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